Anwar: PKR not free of disloyal members

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PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has stressed that the party is not spared from having members who have treacherous and corrupt attitudes.

As such, he called on all members to continue to uphold and defend the idealism of the party’s struggle, which rejects any element of corruption, abuse of power and treachery.

“We (need to) strengthen the machinery (and) increase understanding. Are we the ‘perfect’ party? No…there are also treacherous leaders, there are those who when they have a position, start amassing wealth. In Keadilan (PKR) we see that there are also those who are corrupt.

“(We) must return to polish the idealism of the party’s struggle…reject corruption, arrogance, abuse of power. Do not allow the emergence of leaders, state governments or figures who (will) build factions to stab us in the back like what we faced before,” he said today.

Anwar, who is also Port Dickson member of parliament, said this in his policy speech at the PKR 2020 Annual National Congress which was held entirely virtually, following the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) 3.0 which is still in force.

The National Congress, which was supposed to take place on June 6, was held yesterday after being ordered to be postponed by the National Security Council (NSC) and the Registrar of Societies (RoS) on June 4.

Anwar’s speech, followed by about 2,000 delegates, also touched on the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, saying that only by speeding up the vaccination process could Malaysia get out of the crisis fast.