Anwar Tells Sarawak Convention: PKR Still Strong, 90% Loyal to Us

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The 2019 Sarawak PKR convention is finally underway today with nearly 1,500 delegates from all 30 of the party’s branches in the state congregating at Pullman Miri Waterfront hotel.

PKR is still “solid” and there is no internal disunity, as spread by certain quarters, said party president Anwar Ibrahim.

Speaking before more than 1,000 party delegates at the Sarawak PKR Convention here today, Anwar said he was confident that at least 90% of the leadership and grassroots nationwide were loyal to the party’s central leadership.

He said it was impossible for any party to get 100% support from its followers.

“So, don’t worry. We went to all states. In Kedah, all divisions attended except for one.

“In Pahang, one division head did not attend, but its deputy division head, and lower-rank leaders attended.

“All attended in Terengganu. One each in Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan did not turn up. In Melaka, all attended.

“So, what is the problem? Why should we say there is a problem?

“You say can get 100% (support). Who can get 100% – Putin (Russian president) or Trump (US president)? No one in the world can get 100%,” he said.

Anwar was countering media reports that there was much internal strife in the party and factionalism.

Sarawak PKR chairman Baru Bian was not seen at the convention.

Anwar also reminded PKR members not to forget the party’s original struggle for the people and not work only for self-interest.

“Don’t let a little boost in your position result in arrogance. There’s a long way to go.

“Don’t think I am so fearful. I am no longer young. I am not in politics to become rich.

“Before this, I was the finance minister for eight years. Everybody ‘collected’ Sarawak timber, but I did not take a single sen. Everyone took state land but, I did not take even an inch.

“As such, I dare to say, God willing, if I become prime minister, I want to prove that not all politicians are corrupt or arrogant,” he said.