Anwar’s Lawyer Ramkarpal: Police to Probe Sodomy Allegation

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One of Anwar Ibrahim’s six cases that are currently being investigated involves a sodomy allegation, said the opposition leader’s lawyer Ramkarpal Singh.

Ramkarpal said the allegation involved a man in his 20s who lodged a police report several months ago.

“Anwar was investigated, and he denied it,” said the DAP lawmaker who declined to go into details as the allegation is still under investigations.

Several months ago, a man said that he was sodomised by Anwar a few times after meeting at a hotel.

The alleged victim claimed Anwar had asked him to bring along a friend, and both were allegedly paid RM300 for the sessions.

He lodged a police report and was scheduled to hold a press conference only to retract his statement later.

The alleged victim later told The Malaysian Insight that he was pressured by Pertubuhan Minda dan Sosial Prihatin Malaysia president Ramesh Rao to lodge the report against Anwar.

Ramesh has since denied this and said the man had gone to him to complain about the matter.

The other five cases Anwar was questioned on today revolved around the list of lawmakers who had allegedly backed him to be the new prime minister.

Anwar called the questioning by federal police an attempt to pressure him politically.

He said he found it “disconcerting and mind-boggling” to be questioned on the identities of the 121 MPs said to support him.