Azalina to work on separation of powers of AG, public prosecutor

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As the new law and institutional reform minister, Azalina Othman Said has vowed to address laws that are outdated and make the necessary amendments to be relevant to current times.

In a statement today, Azalina said, among others, this would include the separation of powers of the attorney-general and the public prosecutor, to preserve the independence of the public prosecutor.

“I will also ensure that outstanding issues, including the citizenship status of children born overseas to Malaysian mothers, will see continued progress.


“Where need be, laws will be reformed to reinstate the rights of the vulnerable, marginalised and those who are not treated equally in our nation,” she said.

Meanwhile, in the same statement, Azalina said there were many challenges ahead for the unity government as they navigate the upcoming term, taking into account the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the expected economic downturn next year.

“I look forward to working alongside elected representatives from various parties to address the challenges,” she added.

With her vast experience as a Cabinet member and having helmed various ministries since 2004, Azalina once made history when she became the first woman to be appointed as youth and sports minister in 2004 and the first woman to be appointed as deputy speaker in 2020.

Azalina was also the tourism minister from 2008 to 2009 and law minister from 2015 to 2018.