Bersatu Quits PH, Dr M Quits as Bersatu Chairman

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Bersatu has quit the Pakatan Harapan pact, said party president Muhyiddin Yassin.

He said the decision was made during its supreme council meeting yesterday.

Shafwan Zaidon

“All the party’s MPs have also left Pakatan Harapan. All have signed a statutory declaration to support Dr Mahathir as prime minister,” said Muhyiddin in a short statement today.

The party has 26 MPs.

He said the decision was made after taking into account the country’s current political situation and future.

Dr Mahathir has also resigned as Bersatu chairperson, an hour after Muhyiddin announced that Bersatu quit Pakatan Harapan.

“The resignation letter was submitted to the Bersatu headquarters today,” said a statement issued by the office of the party chairman.

Earlier, Mahathir also submitted his resignation as the prime minister to the palace.

Mahathir provided no reasons for his resignation as both the prime minister or as Bersatu chairperson.

His exit as the Bersatu chair fuels speculation that he could be at odds with Muhyiddin and others.

Meanwhile, The Edge quoted sources as claiming that Mahathir resigned from the party he founded because is against working with Umno.