Bidding War Anticipated for AKU BOSS Number Plate

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Expect to pay through the nose to stake your claim that “I am the boss”.

Bids start from RM300 for:

The Perak Road Transport Department (JPJ) is getting many enquiries about three unique and statement-making vehicle registration numbers.

There is AKU 8055, which resembles the Malay phrase “AKU BOSS” (I am the boss). Then there are AKU 805 or “AKU BOS” (‘Bos’ being the spelling of ‘boss’ in Malay) and AKU 1305.

State JPJ director-general Mohd Zawawi Zakaria said they were expecting many bids for these three vehicle registration numbers over the next two weeks.

“The bidding starts today and ends on July 18,” Mohd Zawawi said.

There are three categories of numbers being offered – golden numbers (1 to 10), RM2,000 for attractive numbers (11 to 19) and repetitive numbers (such as 22, 555, 9999) and popular numbers.

Minimum bids are RM10,000 for golden numbers, RM2,000 for attractive and repetitive numbers, and RM300 for popular numbers.

“Even though 805, 8055 and 1305 are normal running numbers, these numbers will be listed under the popular numbers category due to expected demand,” Mohd Zawawi said.

However, he warned the potential winner of the AKU 1305 number to ensure JPJ specifications for registration plates are followed and not to place the “1” and “3” numbers so close together that it reads like a “B”.

Let the bidding begin!