Body in Shallow Grave at Lamai Beach, Koh Samui

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Not the kind of sightseeing tourists would want, holidaymakers at a popular Thai beach watched in horror as the body of a murdered woman was dug out of a shallow grave.

Tourists had complained about a stench in the vicinity before someone spotted clothing poking through the sand and called the police.

Disturbing footage captured of the scene shows shocked members of the public, including tourists and locals, watching on as police dug in the sand.

Officers then lifted the body from the grave and moved it onto the sand, before placing it in a nearby vehicle.

The victim was identified as Lucy, 50, who was homeless and had been working as a masseuse. She had been living on the island for the past 15 years.

Viral Press

Police said she had a stab wound to her stomach and believed the body had been buried in the sand for up to three days.

According to camera footage in the area, Lucy was last seen walking on the beach about 10pm on Saturday night.

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Police have identified a suspect, a Burmese man called Ao who worked for a jet-ski renter on Lamai Beach.

The man had reportedly left the island and fled to Myanmar.