Body of SUV Driver Intact Despite 3-Day Retrieval Op

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Victim could have tried to get out of the car after it plunged into the water but he was pinned inside the wreckage.

  • Body was in the driver’s seat with the safety belt still fastened
  • Right hand still gripping car door through smashed window
  • Door on driver’s side slightly opened, but seemed to be stuck
  • Windshield had come off, with a part of Moey’s bare right foot seen sticking out
  • Family wants thorough probe so justice is served.
  • Public urged to leave investigation of crash to police, stop speculating, allow family privacy

The recovery team grew solemn after successfully lifting the sports utility vehicle back onto Penang Bridge and finding the lifeless body of Moey Yun Peng trapped inside.

Moey’s body was intact and still strapped to the driver’s seat, with his right hand still gripping the car door through the smashed window.

Based on Moey’s position before he died, it was likely that he survived the crash and tried to get out of the car but could not, said Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Northern Region director First Admiral Rozali Mohd Said.

He is the coordinator of the search and recovery operation.

The driver’s side door was slightly open but it seemed to be stuck. The windshield had come off and a part of Moey’s bare right foot was seen sticking out.

The crane managed to lift the 1.5-tonne car out of the water at 6.10pm yesterday, and Moey’s body was sent to Seberang Jaya Hospital for a post-mortem. The first harness that divers strapped around the car underwater yesterday snapped before the wreck could even surface.

The divers then went down a second time with a larger harness and were successful.

“We had to wait until the tide was at the lowest and the current slowed down before we could safely dive in,” said one of the recovery personnel on the bridge.

Rozali said up to 169 personnel from the MMEA, Royal Malaysian Navy, Marine Police, firemen and civil defence took part in the recovery operation yesterday.

They had to close two lanes on the mainland-bound side of the bridge, causing a massive traffic jam on Penang island that, by rush hour, had spread into much of George Town and Bayan Lepas.

Meanwhile, Moey’s family want the authorities to conduct a thorough probe so that justice is served.

His elder brother, who only wanted to be known as Dennis, said the family accepted what had happened and hoped the authorities would leave no stone unturned so that justice is done for Yun Peng.

“We leave it to the police and hope we can be given privacy to mourn our loss,” he told reporters after arriving at the Seberang Jaya Hospital’s Forensics Department last night to claim Yun Peng’s body.

He also hoped that the public will not make baseless speculation on what actually happened and also not disturb the probe.

“Please stop speculating, and just leave us alone.

Victim’s mother and brother.

“Let my brother go in peace. My parents are very sad,” he added.

The post mortem procedure was completed at about 10pm.

Dennis said that the funeral would be held at the Berapit Chinese Cemetery on Thursday.

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