Bukit Aman seeks extradition of Nur Sajat from Thailand

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The Royal Malaysian Police is applying for an extradition order involving cosmetics entrepreneur Muhammad Sajjad Kamarul Zaman from the authorities in Thailand.

Federal Police (Bukit Aman) criminal investigation department director Abd Jalil Hassan said the (extradition application) involved various other agencies, including the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

The whole (application) process will take time as it involves multiple agencies. We cannot determine exactly when Sajjad can be brought home. When we apply (for extradition order), the Thai authorities will also need to approve it,” he said.

Earlier today, in a statement, Jalil said Sajjad, popularly known as Nur Sajat, was detained by Thai immigration on September 8 for being in possession of an invalid passport.

The next day, the suspect was charged in a Thai court and fined for the offence, he said.

“Efforts are being taken to bring the individual home. Sajjad is sought by the Malaysian authorities under Section 186 of the Penal Code for obstructing a public servant from carrying out his duties and Section 353 of the same code with using criminal force to deter a public servant from discharging his duty,” he said.

Sajjad, 36, is sought by the authorities after the Shah Alam shariah high court issued an arrest warrant against him on February 23 for failing to attend proceedings over a charge of dressing as a woman.

He is also required by the police to attend proceedings at Ampang Jaya Court over a fraud case involving MyKad details.

Sajjad was detained following a tip-off on his whereabouts by Malaysian authorities.

Sources revealed to Harian Metro that Sajjad was apprehended at a luxury condominium in Bangkok, where he had been staying with a local man.

The source alleged that the entrepreneur had been in hiding at the residence since early March.

The source said a raid was carried out at the location on Sept 8 at around 6pm local time, after which Thai immigration confirmed the entrepreneur is the individual on the run wanted by the Malaysian authorities.

It was also alleged by the source that Sajjad’s passport was invalid as it had been revoked by the Malaysian government.

The source added that the entrepreneur was then detained at the Thai immigration headquarters for immigration related offences.

On Sept 9, the source said Sajjad was charged in a Thai court and was released the next day on a USD$2,000 bail (RM8,343).

Although released on bail, he has been instructed to report to the Thai Immigration authorities every two weeks.

Efforts are currently underway to extradite Sajjad from Thailand.

“The negotiations are taking a difficult turn due to interferences by an organisation to prevent the extradition, as well as Thailand’s jurisdiction on the matter,” said the source.

According to Harian Metro’s sources, Sajjad informed Thai authorities that he was seeking asylum in Australia and had shown his UNHCR card issued by the Bangkok office.

Sajjad, who revealed in 2016 that he was born a hermaphrodite but raised as a man, has said several times that the name Muhammad Sajjad is not on his identity card.

He has received death threats and is Selangor Islamic Religious Department’s most wanted, which said earlier this year that it would send 122 of its officers to arrest him after he missed a Shariah court hearing.

Sajjad is charged under Selangor shariah law with insulting Islam or causing Islam to be insulted either by mocking or blaspheming the faith and its associated practices and rituals either in a written, pictorial or photographic form.

The sentence is a fine not exceeding RM5,000 or imprisonment not exceeding three years, or both, if convicted.

The cross-dressing offence dates back to an event where he wore a pink baju kurung to a religious event he organised in 2018.

In March this year, he caused further controversy in a video, in which he renounced Islam.