Calls for Action Against Hilman, Who Is Urged to Attend Meetings

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A PKR Youth leader said the party must take disciplinary action against Hilman, while a PKR Youth member urges him to end continued truancy and attend meetings.

Earlier this morning, PKR Youth vice chief Thiban Subbramaniam said in a statement that the PKR central committee must take disciplinary action against the deputy chief of its youth wing for insubordination after he called an unauthorised meeting.

In the faction war taking place in public view, Thiban accused PKR Youth deputy chief Muhammad Hilman Idham of splitting the party’s decision for former president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to open the wing’s National Central Convention in Melaka next month.

By convention, PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali would have opened this but he has since been replaced with Dr Wan Azizah, leading him to allege of attempts to suppress him in the party.

Thiban said Hilman’s insistence that Azmin launch the event without the party leadership’s agreement was in violation of the PKR Youth’s standing orders.

“His decision to call a separate meeting without official agreement from the PKR central committee was also excessive and irresponsible,” Thiban said.

He further accused Hilman of frequent absenteeism at party meetings, in an apparent attempt to draw parallels with similar allegations often made against Azmin.

Hilman intentionally harmed the party’s image by bringing the internal dispute to the media, he said.

“As such, I strongly suggest that the PKR central committee take disciplinary action against Hilman.”

Last night, Hilman and aligned PKR Youth leaders held an impromptu press conference to demand the party reinstate Azmin as the guest of honour at their wing’s assembly next month, insisting this was the tradition and convention.

Miera Zulyana

Last week, PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the decision would stay despite protests.

Azmin is officially Anwar’s deputy in the party but the two are estranged.

Meanwhile, PKR Youth MPP member, Muhamad Alif Asyraf Abdull Rahim, has urged Hilman to attend the movement’s central leadership council (MPP) meeting on Sunday.

In a statement today, Alif said Hilman’s continued truancy will only lead to poor perception of the movement.

“I’ve checked the attendance records. Hilman, despite being No 2, only attended one in eight meetings so far. Even then, he was late (for that one meeting),” said Alif.

He said Hilman’s truancy was a flagrant breach of discipline at a time when young leaders should be committed towards Pakatan Harapan’s ideals.

The PKR Youth MPP is currently split between one faction led by the movement’s leader Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir and another led by Hilman.

Hilman’s faction consist of mostly elected office bearers and they have boycotted MPP meetings chaired by Akmal, who is supported by the other half of the MPP members, most of which who are co-opted.

A similar split is taking place at the MPP for the PKR main body, where many elected office bearers are sitting out of the monthly meetings.

The most prominent absentee is PKR deputy president Azmin Ali. He is believed to had never attended any of the monthly meetings since the new MPP was elected last November.

Azmin is the economic affairs minister while Hilman is his political secretary.

In Sarawak, the majority of the state leadership council members, who happened to be aligned to Azmin, had sought to annul its state convention on Saturday.

However, state conventions, which comes under the purview of the party headquarters, will proceed in Miri as planned.