Cambodian Maids are Coming Back!

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For those who have wanted a Cambodian maid, the six-year wait will soon be over.

Prospective employers in desperate search of maid options can now breathe easier as Cambodian maids can start coming in, after a six-year freeze.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot announced today that Cambodia has lifted a ban on its citizens from coming into Malaysia to work as domestic helpers.

The ban was imposed in October 2011 by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen following several reports and claims of verbal and physical abuse, including torture, slave-like living conditions, sexual harassment, withholding of salaries, and even death.

“During my meeting with my Cambodian counterpart, we reached an agreement to have Cambodia send domestic workers here as soon as possible.

“We can expect them to arrive after Hari Raya,” said Riot.

Riot also said that both governments agreed that all workers must go through a one-month training programme first before coming into the country.

Pha Lina

“The training will include basic language (lessons on) Bahasa Malaysia and English, the handling of kitchen and home apparatuses and appliances, and the teaching of the types of chores they would be tasked with.

“They will also be taught about the local culture and the religious needs of their prospective employers,” added Riot.