Car Driver Goes Berserk When Faced with Repossessors

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A video clip of a car driver going berserk when alleged car repossessors cornered him has gone viral.


The incident is believed to have taken place at a car workshop in Hulu Selangor and involved a group of men allegedly trying to repossess a man’s car.

The one-minute-eight-second footage begins with a green vehicle, believed to belong to the repossessors, parked right behind the man’s car.

Moments later, the man, probably upset that his car was going to be taken away, forcefully reversed his car out of the workshop driveway, badly damaging the car parked behind him.

A woman could be heard screaming and pleading with the enraged man to stop his aggressive actions but to no avail.

After ramming the repossessors’ vehicle several times for a clear path to make his escape, the man drove away from the scene.