Companies have three days to produce new MITI letter

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Companies in the essential services category are given three days to produce the new Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) operating permission letter.

After the three-day grace period, compounds will be issued by the police.

Petaling Jaya district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohamad Fakhruddin Abdul Hamid said there were still many companies in the essential services list that have yet to apply or receive the approval letters because they claimed that they did not know of such new requirement.

“We have given them three days (to obtain the letter), or compounds will be issued on the fourth day,” he told reporters after conducting spot checks at factories and business premises in the district today.

He said he was satisfied with the standard operating procedures (SOP) and the level of compliance by the factories and business premises during the visit.

“All those premises we visited were complying with the SOP and we are happy with the compliance level on the first day of this MCO,” he said.

Fakhruddin said the six roadblocks in the district at present would be maintained, including at Jalan Klang Lama, Federal Highway and Damansara toll plaza, with manpower at the roadblocks increased.

He said additional personnel would include 30 from the army personnel and 60 Federal Reserve Unit (FRU).

“We have issued one compound so far to a motorist who was travelling with more than the permitted number of passengers.

“He gave the excuse that he was not aware of the new SOP. This is not a valid reason. Public should take the effort to keep themselves updated on any changes to the government announcements at a time like this,” he said.

Police will allow the use of existing letters issued by Miti for work-related travels until June 3.

Fakhrudin said many are still using the old letter.

“Some have said the new ones are still pending, while others have said that they have just applied the night before. So, as per the orders of the state police chief, we will allow the use of the old letters when we inspect cars at our roadblocks until June 3.

“We have also advised them to go through their employers to apply for the new Miti letter, or letter of authorisation from the respective ministries,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bukit Aman Internal Security and Public Order Department SAC (Operations) SAC MV Srikumar M Nair said authorisation letters issued by Miti will now come with a QR code to prevent falsification.

He said that police personnel will scan the code at roadblocks to ensure that the authorisation letters are genuine.


“When the QR code is scanned, it will request a code number, which only the police have. When we key in the code number, we will know if the letter tallies with the letter holder,” he said.

He also rejected claims that there was a double standard applied when it came to permission for interstate and inter-district crossings for some individuals or groups.

“PDRM does not look at golongan kayangan (upper class) or otherwise. If one has valid documents and firm proof, then the application to cross state or district borders will be permitted,” he said.

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