Couple Claim Assaulted by VIP for Being Too Noisy at Klang Bar

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A man and his girlfriend have claimed to be assaulted by a group of people, purportedly including a Datuk Seri, for being too noisy at a bar in Bandar Baru Klang.

  • Victims playing card games warned to be quiet by assailants
  • Victims apologised three times
  • Assailants hurled abuses, threw glasses at victims
  • Victims suffered cuts and injuries on the face and head, with one of them requiring 60 stitches
  • An assailant drove off in a vehicle with a VIP emblem on registration plate, allegedly belonging to a Datuk Seri


Thoo Kang Wei, 33, said he was having a drink and playing card games with his girlfriend Chong Sook Kuan, 31, and two other friends at the bar at about 9pm last Monday when several men reprimanded them, The Star reported.

“Three men came to our table and complained that we were noisy, and they didn’t like it. They told us to be quiet.

“I immediately apologised and explained that we were just playing games and didn’t mean to disturb them. They went back to their table and we continued playing.  

“Moments later, two of them returned and shouted at us to stay quiet. They even pushed one of my friends,” Thoo said.

Thoo, who is self-employed, said a woman from that table then pulled him and one of the men outside to question him.

“I explained to them that we were just playing card games and apologised again if we were noisy.  

 “Inside, I went to their table and apologised again,” Thoo said.

He added that the woman came by their table again to ask Chong to be quiet and not cause any trouble.

“We decided to leave immediately. So, I told my friends to go first while my girlfriend and I stayed behind to pay the bill.

“That was when the woman stopped us from leaving and asked us to join her friends to ‘play’.

“Soon, we were surrounded by her friends and they started hurling abuses at us,” Thoo said, adding that there were about 10 of them or more.

The victim claimed that although he pleaded with the group to let him and his girlfriend go, one of them suddenly hurled a glass at him, which hit the table.

“The debris hit our faces and we were bleeding,” he said, adding that the other men also started throwing glasses at them, injuring his head and his right eye.

Chong said the workers at the bar rushed Thoo to the hospital while she stayed back to ensure that the group did not leave until the police arrived.

“I saw the man, who first threw the glasses at us, drive off in a dark-coloured Mercedes-Benz bearing a VIP emblem on the registration plate,” Chong said

She also revealed that they filed a police report after her boyfriend was discharged from hospital.

Thoo had more than 60 stitches on his head and face. He also claimed that he was in coma for a day in the hospital.

Chong suffered cuts on her face.

Social activist Peter Tan, who highlighted the case, alleged that the car registration number showed that it belonged to a man with a Datuk Seri title.

Tan also urged the bar owner to provide the CCTV recording from that night to help police in their investigation.