Dog Meat Trading in Sibu as Serian Battles Rabies Outbreak

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A Sibu trader selling dog meat for the past 30 years uncovered.

In a raid on a slaughterhouse in Sibu yesterday, authorities discovered the grisly sight of dog meat which was also sold at a stall in the same location, the ground floor of a row of wooden houses in Lorong Rambutan.

The raid was carried out jointly by the Sibu Municipal Council, the state veterinary department and the police. Two chunks of dog meat were seized.

Sin Chew

The 54-year-old trader was detained and is being investigated under Section 428 of the Penal Code for causing mischief by killing or maiming any animal.

According to police, the trader admitted to selling dog meat for the past 30 years, mainly to regular customers.

The illegal dog meat business was only uncovered by the authorities following the rabies outbreak in Serian that has already killed two children, with two others receiving treatment, including a critically ill seven-year-old girl.

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