DoJ 1MDB Probe Apolitical, Independent of Najib-Trump Meet, Says White House

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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said IS and North Korea issues will be priorities at meeting.

At a press briefing yesterday, ahead of President Donald Trump’s meeting with Prime Minister Najib Razak, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke of the 60-year partnership between the two countries built on common economic and security interests.

“The President looks forward to discussing a wide variety and wide range of regional and security issues with the prime minister and talking about ways that they can strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation, certainly the halt of Islamic State (IS), addressing North Korea and their continued actions, and making sure that we promote maritime security in the South China Sea,” she said, when asked about the issues which will take priority during the meeting.

Sanders was asked to comment on the United States Department of Justice’s (DoJ) probe into the purchase of assets with funds allegedly embezzled from Malaysian government-owned investment fund 1MDB.

Look, we’re not going to comment on an ongoing investigation being led by the DoJ, and that investigation is apolitical and certainly independent of anything taking place tomorrow,” Sanders said.

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