Dr M Visits Alibaba’s HQ in Hangzhou

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Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad met with Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma at the group’s headquarters in Hangzhou on Saturday morning.


Artificial intelligence-driven traffic controls, blockchain-based financial technology and the Internet of Things were at the top of the agenda.

The prime minister was impressed with the company’s ideas in its use of modern technology, after being briefed on the company’s business structure.


“What you have achieved is quite fantastic…we hope to benefit, especially in the area of marketing our products to the world,” the Malaysian leader told Ma.

Earlier, Dr Mahathir was given a tour of the museum at Alibaba Group headquarters.

The museum shows how the company grew from an 18-person enterprise into a 75,000-staff e-commerce giant.

Dr Mahathir was due to visit carmaker Zhejiang Geely later in the day.