Dr Mahathir doubts anyone has majority in parliament

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Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it is doubtful there is any political leader today who has the required majority in Dewan Rakyat to form the government.

“Maybe there isn’t,” he said to a question posed to him on the National Professors Council’s Bicara Negarawan programme today.

This, however, does not justify Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin using emergency law to stay in power, he said.

“The fact is, Muhyiddin cannot use the emergency to remain in power.


“We are governed by a weak government. There is no need to handle Covid-19 with emergency, existing laws are enough,” said the former prime minister.

In what many perceive to be a pre-emptive tactic on January 12, Muhyiddin announced that the Agong had agreed to declare an emergency in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

The prime minister said during the emergency, politics should be set aside, and that parliament and elections would be suspended until the end of the emergency on August 1.

Dr Mahathir also said Malaysia’s education system is out of date and in need of an urgent overhaul.

He added that greater focus is given to fields of study that do not contribute to nation-building nor meet the country’s needs.

“I noticed that we are still trapped in the old ways, such as we need teachers to teach all subjects in one class,” he said.

He said modern technology can be used to record programmes that are crafted by experts and the teacher in the class can guide students according to the video lesson, instead of using traditional pedagogy.

“We don’t use modern technology to teach, and we are still using teachers in class. If the teacher is good then the students are lucky, but if the teacher is not good, they will lose out,” Dr Mahathir said.