Elderly Woman Robbed, Strangled to Death in Alor Setar

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A 71-year-old woman was found dead with strangulation marks on her neck in a suspected robbery-murder at her home in Taman Malaysia, Alor Setar, on Sunday evening.

  • House broken into through unlocked back door
  • Victim’s mouth stuffed with towel when she tried to scream for help 
  • Jewellery worth RM10k, a tablet, several watches missing

According to Kedah Criminal Investigation Department chief SAC Mior Farid Al-Athrash Wahid, the body of the victim, Kau Fu Eng, 71, was found by her 42-year-old daughter and her husband when they returned to the house after sending their child to a tuition class at 2pm.

Mior Farid added that the incident could have occurred any time between 2pm and 5.45pm Sunday.

“We returned home at about 6pm, and it is believed that the intruders entered the house from the bushes at the back. I could not find my mother until we opened her room and turned on the light,” said Teoh’s daughter.

She added that her mother’s body was found amidst heaps of clothes and blankets, and that her legs were tied. She also said that her mother was strangled with a belt and a towel.

Zuliaty Zulkiffli

“The police received a report at 6.13pm and our investigation indicated that the victim was attacked by a robber who was suspected to have broken into the house using the back door that was believed to be unlocked.

“The victim was alone in the house as her daughter and granddaughter went out and upon their return, they found the house was in a mess, before finding her lying in bed in a room,” Mior Farid said.

The suspect was believed to have stuffed the victim with a towel after she shouted and strangled her.

“We believe robbery was the prime motive but probably the burglar had murdered the victim when she tried to put up a fight or tried to scream for help. 

KE Ooi

“Based on initial checks, jewellery worth about RM10, 000, a tablet and several wristwatches belonging to the victim are missing as the bedroom was ransacked.

“The robbery was pulled off by one or more suspects but our forensics team is still combing the scene for more evidence, with the assistance of the police sniffer dog unit,” Mior Farid told reporters.

The case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.


Meanwhile, the victim’s other daughter Teoh Yean Sin, 41, said she immediately rushed to the house after being contacted by her older sister who made the gruesome discovery, the New Straits Times reported.

She said she last spoke to the victim on Sunday morning when she contacted her at 7am to remind her to perform morning prayers.

She said her mother asked her about her children and told her to take a good care of them.

“I can’t believe the person who did this was so cruel. He could have taken whatever he wanted and not murder my mother,” she said.

Yean Sin, who works as a teacher, described her mother as a warm person.

She said her mother had lived with her in Taman Dahlia before moving back to stay with her elder sister five years ago.