Faces of Thieves on FB Live Video Stream

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Facebook Live video streams the faces of two thieves to stunned viewers.


A pair of snatch thieves on a motorcycle grabbed a smartphone from a pedestrian as he was on his way to Masjid Idaman for Aidiladha prayers yesterday, the New Straits Times reported.

The victim was recording a Facebook Live video to capture the festive atmosphere in his Setapak neighbourhood on the auspicious day when the incident happened.

He was panning left and right when the thieves came from the opposite direction and grabbed his phone, fleeing after a brief struggle.

The thieves did not realise that the video was streaming and their faces were exposed to stunned viewers.


The video has gone viral on Facebook with more than 167,000 views since it was uploaded at 9am today.

Mohon viralkan muka peragut/penjenayah yg meragut hand phone serta beg duit hamba Allah yg sedang pergi ke masjid Medan ldaman KL utk menunaikan solat Hari Raya Aidil Adha..muka penyamun jelas nampak..tolong viralkan muka penyanggak ni..biar polis senang mengenalpasti saspek ini! #PDRM #TakdakPasaiPiCariBala

Posted by Belia Bangkit on Friday, September 1, 2017