Female Grab Driver Detained for Hurling Expletives at Cop

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A woman was detained for verbally abusing a policeman who had issued her a summons.

Penang International Airport via NST

 On Saturday at about 10pm, a 33-year-old female Grab driver was seen by a policeman talking on her handphone while driving near the Penang International Airport.

The police officer intercepted her vehicle, informed the driver she had committed an offence and issued a summons to her.

Angered, the woman began verbally abusing the cop, shouting obscene words at him.

The policeman warned her not to utter vulgar words as it is against the law but the woman continued hurling profanities at the cop.

Among the words she was alleged to have said were “Polis semua babi” (Police are pigs).

“He advised her several times not to so as he was only performing his duty but she persisted on abusing him,” said Southwest District Police Chief Supt A Anbalagan.

The woman was arrested to facilitate investigations into the case under Section 186 of the Penal Code for obstructing public servants from carrying out their duties.