Footage of Bizarre Road Bullying Antics in Subang Jaya Goes Viral

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Dashcam footage of a road bullying incident in Subang Jaya on Saturday was shared on several Facebook pages and has gone viral, causing an uproar among netizens.

The video shows a green Perodua Myvi displaying a ‘P-licence’ (Probationary Driving Licence) sticker, speeding and driving erratically along a highway at about 1pm.

The four-minute-and40-second recording starts with the Myvi in the right lane, abruptly switching to the left-most lane to avoid queuing.

Near a junction later, the Myvi driver suddenly swerves to the right again in an attempt to jump queue, which prompts the startled driver of the car with the dashcam to sound his horn.

Apparently annoyed by this, the Myvi driver overtakes the car and intermittently slams on the brake, causing the other driver to stop several times.

To avoid a confrontation, the other driver decides to use another route but the Myvi driver doggedly tailgates the former, honking repeatedly.

The other driver ignores the Myvi until its driver suddenly overtakes the former, slams the brakes, switches on the hazard lights and reverses into the other car!

The victim tries to move to the next lane but the Myvi driver blocks the lane, refusing to budge.

The Myvi driver’s action causes a traffic build-up. Eventually, an unidentified man is seen walking to the Myvi and telling the driver off.

The Myvi driver reluctantly drives off and the video ends with the victim taking another route.

Facebook users commented with calls to ban the Myvi driver from driving and urged the Road Transport Department to suspend the driver’s licence.