Free Air Tickets Scams

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Two AirAsia scams on social media, one Singapore Airlines scam through the phone.

Don’t get excited if you have come across a social media post on free AirAsia tickets by just answering a few questions in an online survey. It’s a scam!

Another AirAsia scam is circulating on Facebook, with this one offering 268 free tickets in conjunction with the airline’s 28th anniversary.

Just a few days ago, Singapore Airlines (SIA) alerted of a similar scam. In their instance, you may receive a call informing you that you have won free air tickets from SIA. The airline has warned that the scammer may use caller IDs that imitate the airline’s official telephone numbers or have websites that appear similar to the official SIA website.

They may also request for your credentials such as Krisflyer login details which can be used to access your online accounts.

So be on the watch out, folks, and ignore such attempts to con you.