Government Now Says KL Wholesale Market to Shut for 4 Days

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The disruption in business is expected to cause a shortage of local vegetables in the Klang Valley until the end of the week.

The wholesale market in Selayang will be closed until Thursday for sanitation works, said Ismail Sabri Yaakob – a departure from remarks yesterday that the market would remain open under the enhanced movement-control order (EMCO).

The senior minister, however, maintained that the market is not under EMCO.

Ismail said the decision to temporarily shutter the market was due to the high number of residents in areas under EMCO who also worked in the wholesale market.

He said unlike the surrounding areas, which is subjected to a 14-day EMCO, the popular market would only be shut down for four days.

“This is to allow us to conduct sanitisation of the market,” he told a press conference today.

“We want to ensure that when it does reopen (on Friday), the premises is safe for all,” he added.

Additionally, Ismail said the Health Ministry would also be required to identify the necessary measures to be taken to ensure suppliers, traders, and customers are free from the Covid-19 virus, when the market starts operation again.

It was earlier reported that the wholesale market was closed, despite the government previously saying the market would operate as usual despite its proximity to the areas under EMCO.

Confusion over whether the wholesale market would remain open caused suppliers and traders to suspend their business at the marketing hub this morning when it remained closed.

The disruption in business is expected to cause a shortage of local vegetables in the Klang Valley until the end of the week, after they were told that the market is closed until Friday.

Perikatan Nasional insists the market is open for business but wholesalers who showed up yesterday were told they were barred from entering.

“Not one lorry or car was allowed inside. We were all forced to park on the roadside with our supplies,” said Malaysian Vegetable Wholesalers’ Association president Chong Tek Keong.

Another traders’ association representative Yap Chin Chon said Pasar Borong Harian Selayang was ordered to shut due to positive cases recorded in the last two weeks.

“We were informed that there was a total of 28 total positive cases from both the Selayang wholesale market and this market.

“We are not sure if the number at this market has increased from two weeks ago, but that’s what they told us,” said Yap when met at Pasar Borong Harian Selayang.

According to Pasar Borong Harian Selayang Malay Traders Association president Shaharudin Dorani, the notice was received yesterday evening, which did not allow enough preparation time to shut the following day’s business operations.

“They informed us quite late yesterday, and because of that, we could not inform everyone in time that they were not allowed to carry on with today’s operations.

“They should have told us earlier. Now many traders are stranded with the goods they brought, many came from outstation,” he said when met at the market.

Market traders were seen clearing out Pasar Borong Harian Selayang earlier at 6am when they were informed that the market was to be shut today.

Hari Anggara

Catfish wholesaler Muhammad Norazlan, or popularly known as Mat Keli, said he was frustrated with this last-minute decision as he was now stuck with customers’ orders for the day.

“They need to stick to what they have decided with market operations.

“Now we’re all confused, and many traders are stuck with their supplies. For me, I have to send this order to Batang Kali, and I don’t even know if I can get past the police roadblocks,” he said when met.