Is the govt afraid of a TikTok video?

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A DAP man has asked if the government is threatened by a TikTok video uploaded by a former senator on the issue of subsidies, which led to her being questioned by the police yesterday.

Lawyer Syahredzan Johan asked if the action taken against Siti Aishah Shaik Ismail was because her TikTok video, which went viral, had made “some people uncomfortable”.


“The question now is whether the government feels so threatened by Siti Aishah’s TikTok video to warrant it taking action against her. Is the government afraid of a TikTok video?” he said in a statement.

Syahredzan, who is also Lim Kit Siang’s political secretary, said there was no reason for such a disproportionate action to be taken against someone for just criticising the government.

He urged the government not to silence those who did not agree with the authorities.

Yesterday, Siti Aishah was taken to the Sungai Senam police station in Ipoh, Perak, at about 1.45pm for questioning.

In an audio clip that has gone viral, a voice purportedly that of Siti Aishah is heard saying the police and officers of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission raided her house yesterday and seized the phone and other equipment used to record the video.

Siti Aishah, a former chief of PKR Srikandi (the young women’s wing), also alleged that the investigation followed a police report lodged against her in Kuala Lumpur.


She recorded the video following an announcement that a government subsidy on bottled cooking oil would end on June 30. Ceiling prices for chicken and eggs would also be removed.

In a two-minute-20-second video posted on June 21, Siti Aishah declared that July 1 is a day of suffering for the people because the government will withdraw “all” subsidies on that day.

She urged them to rise up, reminding her audience that “you are kings and they are coolies” once the 15th general election comes around.