Jobless man hacks elderly parents to death with parang

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An elderly couple was believed to have been hacked to death with a parang by their son at a house in Kg Kemahang Hulu, Benta near Kuantan yesterday.

Roselan Ab Malek/NST

Pahang deputy police chief Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri said that the 31-year-old suspect was believed to be having a conversation with his parents, aged 68 and 64, when the incident took place at 10.30pm.

Before the incident, he said the suspect’s mother, a pensioner, went into a room leaving the suspect with his father, a security guard.

He said the suspect then went into a room and reappeared with a parang and started hacking and stabbing his father on the head and shoulder.

“Hearing noises, the suspect’s mother rushed out to her husband’s aid, but the suspect attacked her on the neck and head,” he said in a statement today.


The woman then ran out of the house before she collapsed near the fence, he added.

Yusri said the suspect, who was unemployed, left the house in a bloodied state but was detained by villagers and handed over to the police.

He said the couple’s remains were taken to the Kuala Lipis Hospital for post-mortem examinations.

The suspect, who tested positive for methamphetamine, is being remanded for seven days from today to help in the investigation under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

He said police are still investigating the motive of the incident.

The shocking double murder happened out of the blue, claims the family.

The suspect’s sister said her 31-year-old brother had never displayed any unusual behaviour which could have tipped them off to any violence.

The woman, who only wished to be known as Aishah, 33, said her younger sibling had a jovial personality and never acted strangely at home.

“Each time I spoke to my mother over the phone, she would tell me that my brother was in good health. …She never told me anything unusual about him,” she said.

It was reported earlier, the suspect and his father were discussing topics on religion and divinity before the ill-fated incident occurred.

The suspect claimed his father was trying to attack him, so he picked up the machete from the room and slashed his father before attacking his mother.