Kedah Govt Under Mukhriz Collapses, PN to Take Over

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Perikatan Nasional will take over the Kedah government now as a majority of the state’s assemblymen have lost confidence in Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir, state opposition chief Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor said today.


A total of 23 out of 36 assemblymen in Kedah have lost confidence in Mukhriz, according to Sanusi.

The PAS’ Jeneri assemblyman, who is also opposition leader in the Kedah state assembly, said the 23 assemblymen were from PAS (15), Bersatu (4), Barisan Nasional (2), and two recent PKR defectors.

Thus, he said, the current Bersatu-Pakatan Harapan state government has collapsed and the Perikatan Nasional bloc will form a new administration.

“Based on the consensus of 19 out of the 23 assemblymen who are present today, they have agreed to form a new government under the name of Perikatan Nasional.

“To ensure the power transition process will run smoothly and peacefully, the presidents of all parties involved will present new names to the Kedah Sultan for him to appoint a new Menteri Besar,” he told a press conference in Kedah, aired on Facebook live today.

Asked on the rumour that he is slated to be the new Menteri Besar, Sanusi laughed and dismissed the rumour, saying that party leaders at the central level would be making the decision.

“We will not be discussing this at the state level since the decision has already been achieved at the federal level,” he said.

Earlier today, two PKR assemblymen Azman Nasrudin (Lunas) and Dr Robert Ling Kui Ee (Sidam) left the party, citing loss of confidence in party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The pair made the announcement at a press conference this afternoon, which was livestreamed on Facebook.

Azman said they were now independent representatives that supported Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and the formation of a new Perikatan Nasional state government.

“After observing how the party has been led by Anwar Ibrahim since he became party president in 2018, and after several discussions, I have made a decision. I would like to announce that I want to quit the party with immediate effect […]

“Ling and I would also like to give our full support to the prime minister of the day, Muhyiddin, as the PM. And we support a PN government at the state level,” he said.

“Yes, we are now independents, but we are mesra (friendly) towards Bersatu. Just like how my boss Azmin Ali is friendly towards Bersatu, I am also,” Azman added.

He said he had made his decision following discussions with Azmin, “representatives” of the PM and PKR central leadership.

Meanwhile, Ling said he had lost confidence in Anwar’s leadership and felt challenged after the party began suspending members in his division.

“Today I would like to announce my resignation as Seberang Perai PKR chief. My resignation also involves two-thirds of my division committee.

“My position as Sidam assemblyperson will no longer be under PKR,” he read from a statement.

Azman also claimed that other PKR party members will also leave the party soon.

“We will arrange another press conference about some division chiefs, deputy division chiefs, committee members who will leave the party and support PN,” he said.

The duo also said they might join Parti Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu).

The four Bersatu assemblymen who no longer support Mukhriz are Ku Abdul Rahman Ku Ismail (Guar Chempedak), Halimaton Saadiah Saad (Bukit Kayu Hitam), Mohd Firdaus Ahmad (Kuah, Langkawi) and Juhari Bulat (Ayer Hangat).

However, Amiruddin Hamzah (Anak Bukit), who is also the Kubang Pasu MP, has said he will continue supporting Mukhriz.

Kedah is the fourth state government to change hands since Muhyiddin Yassin pulled Bersatu out of Pakatan Harapan on February 24 and became prime minister on March 1.