#Kerajaangagal trends on Twitter as users blast PN’s “incompetence” on Covid-19, economy

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The hashtag #kerajaangagal (failed government) trended on Twitter today, as Malaysians vented over the Perikatan Nasional government’s alleged incompetence on several matters, ranging from the Covid-19 situation to the economy.

As of 3pm, there were over 60,000 tweets using the hashtag since last night.

One sore point has been the rate of Covid-19 infections, which has continuously been in four digits since the third wave began in September – following the Sabah state election.

“On July 8, the whole (of) Malaysia had an egg (no cases), but everything changed when the PN government held the Sabah state election when the cases were increasing.

“And now here we are with four-digit cases every day without any action from the government to reduce the cases. How pathetic! This shows (how) #kerajaangagal,” said one user with the handle @alsfarhan.

Others lamented how the rising number of Covid-19 infections could most likely mean that they could not go home for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, or how mismanagement of the pandemic is hurting the tourism industry.

The appointment of a new deputy minister of tourism, arts and culture today was also poked at by angry Twitter users.

Other grouses that were aired using #kerajaangagal include rising prices of goods, stagnant wages, double standards for SOP violations, policy flip-flops, and slow rollout for Covid-19 vaccinations.

Twitter user Mals Morales (@xliff_ixmal) summed it up aptly when he tweeted last night, “What kind of country is this?

“Although the movement-control order (MCO) has been for a year, Covid-19 infections are still in four figures.

“Parliament cannot meet but political parties can hold meetings. There is not enough vaccines but the government has given it to other countries. Ministers’ pay is high but they don’t know how to work properly.

“The country has no money but where is our priority?” said Mals, who has 500 followers.

The tweet captured the frustrations of Twitter users all over and had since garnered more than 17,300 retweets and 13,900 likes.

Keeping it simple, a computer science graduate (@ftnatiqah) said that PN had wasted taxpayers’ money but has done nothing for Malaysians.

“…and they tell us that they have no money left,” she said, referring to Muhyiddin’s statement this week that the country had no money after spending RM340 billion for the different stimulus packages.

Activist-artist Zack Rockstar (@zack_rockstar) also showed his displeasure towards PN by tweeting, “These are the faces of the people who are wasting taxpayers’ money.”As it was accompanied by two photos of Muhyiddin’s cabinet, the tweet picked up 1,900 retweets and 1,500 likes.

Another Twitter user, Yasmin, (@yasmin_surayaa), said it was so annoying to open Twitter in the morning to read about the government.

“How can you guys sleep soundly and eat calmly when your people are suffering? Is money everything? Can it buy you ticket to heaven? I’m so mad. #KerajaanGagal”.

Muhyiddin, who has only had two press conferences in the Klang Valley since becoming prime minister, was not spared as Hafiz Kenny (@hafizkenny) started his day on Twitter.

“Good morning, everyone! Have a great Friday! Except to this one and only old guy #KerajaanGagal,” said Hafiz with a screencap of news reports showing Muhyiddin and the appointment of a new deputy minister.