Loke Confident Sabah Coup Attempt Won’t Repeat in Negri Sembilan

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Anthony Loke is confident that any attempts to topple the Negri Sembilan government through defections will not happen.

The state DAP chief said he trusted Pakatan Harapan’s state reps are loyal to their parties and would not be lured to jump ship.

“I’m very confident that what happened in Sabah will not happen in Negri Sembilan, although our opponents continue to play psychological warfare by claiming the state will be next (to fall).

“I want to tell those people: Talk to us again after seeing the outcome in Sabah,” he was quoted as saying at press conference this morning.

He said events in Sabah should be a lesson to all state governments to act decisively if threatened with defections by party men.

He said political frogs should not be allowed to influence or threaten any state government.

“If ruling coalition members threaten the state government through defections, then it should seize the moment, like how Sabah immediately dissolved the state assembly and returned the mandate to the people,” he said of the failed attempt by former chief Minister Musa Aman last Wednesday.

The attempted coup in Sabah provided lessons for politicians as well, he added, particularly those who may harbour intentions to switch parties.

With the dissolution of the Sabah state assembly, former ruling coalition representatives, who switched their allegiances to Sungai Sibuga assemblyperson Musa Aman during the attempted political coup, now have nowhere to go.

“They thought they could gain political power by defecting, perhaps by gaining a higher office or personal benefit.

“But now that the state assembly is dissolved, they would surely not reach their goal. After defecting, their opportunity to be fielded as an election candidate is also gone, except as an independent candidate,” Loke said.

Amanah Youth chief Shazni Munir Mohd Ithnin had warned that after the botched coup in Sabah, Perikatan Nasional could target Negeri Sembilan and Selangor next.