Malaysian Debt an Alarming One Trillion Ringgit

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Dr Mahathir pledges to restore Malaysia’s glory as he clocks into office for first time.

  • Executive, legislature and judiciary will be well-separated
  • Rule of law will be restored

Malaysia’s debt has reached an alarming one trillion ringgit, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad revealed.

He said crucial measures must be taken for the nation to quickly recover from the situation.

He pointed out that the country only used to have debts of around RM300 billion when he was the prime minister previously.

“But now, our debts have reached more than one trillion and we need to solve this,” he said at the monthly assembly with the civil servants under the Prime Minister’s Department.

Dr Mahathir said many changes needed to be made but he was confident that it could be done with the help of civil servants.

“We are confident that we can overcome the challenged but we need civil servants who are efficient and trustworthy to achieve this changes.

“As administrators, one must put the rule of law above all else and those tasked to carry out their duties must help to clean things up so that Malaysia can be on the road of recovery. All of us must work together to achieve this,” he said.

He said possible changes were being thoroughly studied but it was too soon to divulge what they were.

The prime minister is also determined to restore Malaysia to its former glory.

“Our country was well-respected previously, but now it is not the same as in the past. We must restore the country to ensure that it will be looked highly upon and respected once again,” he said.

He asked civil servants to give him their undivided cooperation in the administration of the country.

“As long as I don’t violate any laws, I hope all of you will give your undivided cooperation to me as the Prime Minister, ” he said.

He said this was especially needed so that the government can look for ways to manage and settle Malaysia’s debt.

“I must state that those who have done wrong will have to be dealt with according to law,” he added.

He also said that the three pillars of the country – the executive, legislature and judiciary – will be well-separated and that the rule of law will be restored.

The prime minister, accompanied by Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, arrived at 8.20am to attend his first monthly gathering of the Prime Minister’s Office since he took office.

On hand to welcome them were Chief Secretary to Government Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ali Hamsa and Public Services director-general Tan Sri Zainal Rahim Seman.

Thunderous applause from the civil servants greeted Dr Mahathir as he went on stage.

On May 14, he started his official duties as the new prime minister at the Yayasan Perdana Leadership Foundation.