Malaysia’s Political Crisis: Day Four

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Agong concludes interviews with MPs in another day of political impasse.

Highlights of the day’s events:

Anwar PH PM candidate

6.20pm: PH has confirmed that Anwar is the coalition’s candidate for prime minister. At a press conference, Anwar said PH arrived at the decision after Dr Mahathir declined an invitation to rehabilitate the PH-led government.

Mohd Rasfan/AFP

Lawyer: Unity government would be devoid of accountability

5.30pm: Civil rights lawyer Syahredzan Johan says a unity government would create a government devoid of accountability.

In a series of tweets, Syahredzan, who is also the political aide to Lim Kit Siang, says any such government would not be guided by any manifesto.

“There is no accountability to voters who presumably voted based (on) the manifesto or at least part of it. And we know what drives political parties is political will – which comes from the people as expressed in elections.

M Azhar Arif/The Star

“For example, if PH (Pakatan Harapan) doesn’t fulfil its manifesto, they can be punished in the next elections. But a unity government would not have those constraints – it can do whatever it wants without political repercussions,” he tweets.

Dr M’s address

4:45pm: Dr Mahathir delivers a live address. He says he wants a Cabinet comprising capable individuals that do not have to cleave to party principles.


He also apologised if his resignation was wrong, adding that politicians and parties were too obsessed with politics when the nation is beleaguered by economic and health issues.

Anwar, Wan Azizah enter PKR HQ

3.43pm: Anwar and Wan Azizah arrive at the party headquarters.

Azneal Ishak/Malaysiakini

They are greeted by some 30 supporters who congratulate the couple.

DAP MPs leave

4.20pm: The bus ferrying DAP MPs leaves the palace, almost three hours after their audience with the King.

Azmin: No comment

3.40pm: Azmin refused to comment on a news report that he and 10 other MPs would be joining Bersatu.


3pm: Azmin Ali and 10 other former PKR MPs left the palace via Gate 3.

DAP MPs arrive

1.40pm: A bus ferrying DAP MPs, including Lim Kit Siang, Anthony Loke, Yeo Bee Yin, Hannah Yeoh and Gobind Singh, arrives at the palace.


Azmin 11

1.16pm: The 11 former PKR MPs issued a statement reiterating their support for Dr Mahathir and called for national reconciliation for the greater good of the country.

“We want a national reconciliation where Dewan Rakyat members prioritise the aspirations of the people and a national agenda,” said the group.

Hatta Ramli: PH comeback

1.10pm: Hatta Ramli said Pakatan Harapan would make a comeback.

“Good news”

1.00pm: PKR MPs leave, with many saying that there was “good news”.

Machap Jaya rep to remain with PKR

1pm: Ginie Lim, who was aligned to Azmin Ali, says she will continue to be with PKR to carry out the people’s mandate.

“I have no problem to remain with PKR… I received the people’s mandate to serve as assemblyperson, and then from the state government to be an exco member.


“I will carry out my duties till the end of my term,” she tells reporters.

Lim also expresses confidence that the current PH state government in Malacca will survive as the people want it to, be it under the PH name or as a new coalition.

Declaration for Anwar

12.58pm: Dr Tan Yee Kew said PKR MPs signed a declaration for Anwar to be made the 8th prime minister.

Maria Chin: All good

12.55pm: Maria Chin Abdullah said everything was “all good” following the meeting with the Agong.

Arriving and leaving

12.48pm: Anwar leaves the palace. He did not stop to talk to reporters gathered outside the Istana gate.

12.40pm: Azmin and 10 other former PKR MPs have entered the palace via Gate 3.

12.20pm: Darell Leiking and Dzulkefly Ahmad are seen in two of five cars entering the palace.

11.57am: Salahuddin Ayub, Hanipa Maidin, Mujahid Yusof Rawa and Khalid Samad arrive.

11.46am: Mohamad Sabu arrives.

11.19am: Mukhriz leaves.

11.05am: Muhyiddin leaves without stopping to speak to the media.

PKR MPs arrive at the palace

10.40am: A group of PKR MPs which include William Leong, Nurul Izzah, Abdullah Sani and Fahmi Fadzil arrive on a Hop On Hop Off bus.


The entourage includes about 10 cars.

Mujahid: It is Harapan’s job to rise again

10.30am: Mujahid expresses hope that the PH parties will again take charge in Putrajaya.

Ahmad Zamzahuri

He urges PH not to blame enemies as their job is to tear the coalition apart and it is the job for PH to rise again.

Syed Saddiq is seen leaving Istana Negara in his Perodua Myvi car.

Patriot: Umno must never be allowed to rule again

10am: Armed forces and police veterans group Patriot says PH, or what is left of the once ruling coalition, should be allowed to form the new government.

“It appears that Harapan, now comprising PKR, DAP and Amanah, is the current most united group and having the most number of MPs compared to other groups.

“Patriot implores MPs from Bersatu, Warisan and Gabungan Parti Sarawak, those with principles, join Harapan and help form the government,” its president Mohamed Arshad Raji says in a statement.

The group stresses that fresh polls should be avoided at all costs and deems calls for it by Umno and PAS to be “selfish”.

“A general election at this time will send our economy to a tailspin and hasten an economic recession.

“Umno that had sabotaged our economy and nearly brought our nation to ruins must not be allowed to rule again,” he says.

PKR supporters gather outside palace

9.48am: Around 30 PKR supporters gather not far from the palace.

Syazwan Kamal/Malaysiakini

Shouts of “Reformasi” are heard.

Muhyiddin, Maszlee arrive

9.47am: Muhyiddin arrives at the palace. He left about 90 minutes later.

9.43am: Maszlee arrives in his white car.

Zuraida denies Azmin orchestrated PH breakup

9.30am: Zuraida Kamaruddin denies that Azmin Ali had orchestrated the breakup of the PH government.

“No,” she says in a text message, responding to a news report which quoted sources as saying Azmin and Bersatu MP Zainuddin Hamzah played on Bersatu’s fear to get the party out of Harapan.

Hishammuddin denies he will quit Umno

8.00am: Hishammuddin Hussein denies that he would quit the party and reiterates his undivided loyalty for Umno and BN.

Fion Yap/Malaysiakini

“Don’t believe any speculation spread by some of the parties out there. My position has been consistent all along,” he says in a Facebook posting last night.

Taking to social media today, Umno secretary-general Annuar Musa says there was an ongoing attempt to split the party.

“(They) tried to create doubts against Hishammuddin, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Najib Abdul Razak and others,” Annuar says.

However, he points out, all Umno MPs and BN MPs remained faithful to their parties and to the coalition.

“We will continue our role as the opposition, even though Pakatan Harapan has collapsed,” he adds.

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