Man Violently Assaulted in Misunderstanding over Girlfriend

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A 21-year old man was viciously beaten up by a group of people after he shouted at a man whom he mistakenly thought had harassed his girlfriend.

  • The victim reprimanded the wrong man for harassing his girlfriend
  • The man and four others tracked him down and assaulted him
  • In the attack, the victim was beaten, kicked and pistol-whipped
  • Victim received seven stitches for injuries suffered
  • Video of assault went viral, assailants identified
  • Police hunting for suspects

In the incident on Wednesday night, Raja Hazwan Azri Raja Zaen had gone with his girlfriend to a clinic in Setiawangsa where his girlfriend was allegedly harassed by a group of men.

Apparently, the couple did not respond to the provocation and walked away.

However, after sending his girlfriend home, Hazwan decided to return to the clinic to confront the group.

At the clinic, he told off one of the men there but it turned out that the person he reprimanded was not related to the earlier incident.

Furious at being wrongly accused, the man allegedly rounded up his friends and later went looking for Hazwan.

They eventually found him at a nearby cybercafe at 11pm and proceeded to assault him.

A 23-second video clip, believed to be CCTV footage from the cybercafe, shows five men assaulting another man.

In the video, the men are seen grabbing the victim and kicking and shoving him to the ground at the entrance of the cafe.

One of the suspects appears to be holding a weapon resembling a samurai sword and another is seen reaching into the back of his trousers and pulling out a weapon resembling a pistol.

The assailants, said to be aged between 20 and 30, allegedly pistol-whipped Hazwan and also beat him with a stick and a fire extinguisher.

After beating him up in the cybercafe, they reportedly dragged the victim outside to their car where they continued the assault.

After they were done, the assailants left the victim by the roadside and told him to run.

Hazwan later lodged a report at the Hulu Kelang police station. He received seven stitches to the head as a result of the assault.

The video of the assault was shared on Facebook by Hazwan’s brother and it subsequently went viral.

Speaking to the New Straits Times, Hazwan’s mother, Raja Shahrizad said she was shocked that the situation escalated over what appeared to be a trivial matter.

She said that thanks to the help of friends, she managed to identify the assailants. The men were believed to be workers at a restaurant in Setiawangsa.

One of the men, she claimed, had a gun and a tattoo on his arm.

City police Criminal Investigation Department Senior Assistant Commissioner Rusdi Mohd Isa said police are in the midst of tracking down the suspects.