MCA May Be 10th Party to Leave BN

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In light of MCA’s defeat GE14, talks about leaving the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition has been bandied about by the grassroots and is being discussed by the party’s top leadership.

MCA Kluang division chief Gan Ping Sieu told a press conference today that although he cannot speak for the party’s leadership, he did confirm that talks about abandoning BN has been mooted by the grassroots.

“This is one of the options MCA should consider.

“I am sure it is one of the options. It is mooted by the grassroots.

“The reform committee is going around the country. I have to be fair to them, allow them to go through the process,” he said.

Should MCA pull out from BN, it will be an even more harrowing blow to beleaguered BN as its Sarawak parties had just quit the coalition today.

Last month, four BN parties in Sabah left the coalition.

The former MCA party vice-president also said previously in 2013 he had voiced out that political reforms in BN were needed, where the perception of Umno’s dominance in the then ruling coalition should be neutralised.

He said even back then BN had needed a political transformation which was seen to be inclusive enough where other member parties were able to contribute to the national agenda. This was one of the reasons behind the coalition’s defeat recently.

“This (being more successful standing on its own) is one of the options MCA should consider. I think MCA…until and unless political transformation of BN to the extent that the decision-making process of BN is inclusive enough.

Yusof Mat Isa

“And I won’t go and say Umno is our liability but from Umno’s point of view, I won’t be surprised if they think MCA is their liability but all this is academic by now,” said Gan.

When asked whether or not he thinks the party is irrelevant in the eyes of the public, Gan said the party must work to get its act together in order to remain relevant.

He added that party leaders are working hard now to remain relevant, also citing that it is normal for political parties to go through up and down cycles.

“For serious political actors and parties, you should never give up. Because we have our core values, purpose of function we are main political actors and historically, MCA was a founding political party for this nation.

“If you say the relevance part of it is because we suffered defeat, it means we have to search our soul,” said Gan.