Mohamad Hasan: State of emergency paralyses constitution

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More appropriate for the government to declare a “health emergency”.

A state of emergency paralyses the federal constitution and will not help Malaysia’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, said Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan.

“Only through reinforcement of a healthcare strategy can we improve our control over the pandemic,” he said in a statement today.

“I believe it would be more appropriate for the government to declare a ‘health emergency’, while also introducing a specific ordinance for such a purpose.

Izzrafiq Alias/The Star

“For example, we can expedite the immunisation process and utilise the movement control order,” said the former Negri Sembilan menteri besar.

However, Malaysia is now in a state of emergency, where its constitution and Parliament are now rendered dysfunctional, said Mohamad.

Umno is supportive of the government’s efforts to control the Covid-19 outbreak, he said, but is also firm on restoring democracy and the democratic functions of the constitution.

“Malaysia is a successful democracy. In fact, Malaysia is the best example of a democratic country among all Muslim nations.

“Malaysia’s democracy must remain undefeated, be it by the pandemic or whatever challenges that may come forth to this country.”

Mohamad is among the latest Umno leaders who have come out to question the necessity for a state of emergency.

It is unsure how a “health emergency” would be like, as lawyers say that the Constitution does not provide for any other kind of emergency.

Earlier today, Federal Territories Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa was reported saying political instability was among the reasons that contributed towards the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government announcing the state of Emergency last week.