More SEA Games Flag Woes Leave Us Red-Faced

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The KL2017 Games’ bloopers have not abated following the infamous gaffe with the upside-down Indonesian flag.

A Singapore blog highlighted at least two more bungles, including one that we got wrong for our own country.

The unflattering article titled ‘M’sia has finally done it, they’ve gotten their own flag wrong for SEA Games broadcast’ picked up the bungle from a YouTube video of the 50-metre freestyle finals swimming event.

Prior to the event, the electronic board showed the Start List with Malaysian swimmer Keith Lim Kit Sern in lane 6. Instead of ‘MAS’ for Malaysia, the board showed Lim was competing under ‘KUL’.

It got worse.

During Lim’s introduction, the infographic with the swimmer’s name and nationality again showed ‘KUL’ and instead of the Jalur Gemilang it showed the Singapore flag!

The woes did not stop there.

Mothership pointed out that in a medal tally broadcast on TV in what appears to be Day 5 of the SEA Games, we got eight out of 11 flags wrong!

“Vietnam has the Singapore flag, Singapore has the Thailand flag, Thailand has the Indonesian flag, Indonesia now is under the Vietnam flag, the Philippines bears the Myanmar flag, and Myanmar in turn, is listed alongside the Philippine flag, Laos has the Cambodian flag, and Cambodia bears the Laos flag.

“That’s eight out of 11 they got wrong, which is worse than your chances if you randomly tikam-ed (guessed) answers in an MCQ exam you didn’t study for,” quipped the blog.