Najib Appointed BN Backbenchers’ Club Chairman

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Former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak has been appointed to be the Barisan Nasional backbenchers’ chairman ahead of the Parliament sitting on Monday (Nov 2), according to a report citing sources.

As the backbenchers’ chairman, Najib will be in a position to:

  • decide the order of the debaters from the BN ranks
  • relay instructions to BN backbenchers on what they should speak about during debates
  • play a bigger role to resolve disputes between Umno and Bersatu

The Pekan MP’s appointment in the Dewan Rakyat would enable him to coordinate matters between the Barisan Nasional backbenchers, especially as lawmakers meet to debate Budget 2021, which will be tabled on Nov 6.

“Najib was appointed recently ahead of the important Parliament meeting so he can direct the Barisan backbenchers in the house,” sources were quoted saying.

As the chairman, Najib will be able to decide the order of the Barisan debaters and to relay instructions to them on what they should speak about during the debates.

The source also said Najib will be in a position to play a role in resolving the tension between Umno and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

“He is experienced so he can influence the parliamentarians,” the source said.