Najib hits back at criticism over golf game during Singapore trip

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Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak has hit back at critics who questioned his activities during his trip to Singapore.

Najib, who was granted temporary access to his passport by the courts on the grounds that he wanted to see his newborn grandchild in Singapore, asked if he was expected to spend 24 hours a day with the grandchild.

This was after photographs of him with Singapore billionaire Sam Goi Seng Hui, who is a close acquaintance, were circulated online.

Najib and Goi are seen posing next to a Rolls-Royce car in one picture, while the duo are seen decked out in golf outfits in another.

“This is also an issue? Am I to spend 24 hours a day for six days with my grandchild when I was in Singapore?” Najib asked in a Facebook post.

He said Goi owns the Sutera Harbour Resort in Sabah and is a fan of Malaysia’s economic policy when he served as the prime minister from 2009 to 2018.

“Goi said he was a fan of my economic and development policies when I was prime minister and had asked to be introduced to me.

“When we met, he asked a lot about my views on Malaysia’s development and economic direction because he wanted to invest more in Malaysia.

“Is it wrong for me to use my personal time to give my views to foreign investors who want to invest in Malaysia even though I am no longer the prime minister or minister?” he said.