Najib Publishes Clip Purportedly from Bersatu Meet to Suggest Dr M Was Against DAP, Anwar

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Najib mocked Dr Mahathir over recent blog posts critical of the Malay community over their perceived fear of DAP.

Former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak posted an audio recording today that was supposedly from the Bersatu supreme council meeting on February 23, with the latest featuring a speaker sounding like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The clip appeared to be a discussion about the party’s possible collaboration with Umno and departure from Pakatan Harapan, during which the speaker expressed his views about ally party DAP and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“I don’t like DAP, I don’t like Anwar, and the rest are also like that,” the person said.

“So, it is only a matter of time, and for us to decide the time or whether we should act today.”

When the speaker put forth the matter to other attendees, they spoke in unison to push for action to be taken “today”.

The person then responded in the affirmative.

“Today, we leave Pakatan Harapan.”

This is believed to be the first leaked clip to feature this particular speaker as others released before were all of another senior Bersatu party leader.

It is also the second clip to unravel one narrative about the events that led to the collapse of the PH government, with a previous clip suggesting that Dr Mahathir’s resignation as the prime minister was unforced and part of a larger plan for Bersatu to trigger a realignment of the ruling coalition.

In a post featuring the audio clip, Najib mocked Dr Mahathir over recent blog posts critical of the Malay community over their perceived fear of DAP.

Azman Ghani/The Star

“PM7 personally said he disliked DAP and Harapan but goes on to write at length about why the Malays don’t like them,” Najib wrote on Facebook today.

He simultaneously sought to drive a wedge between Dr Mahathir and his remaining supporters in PH and argued that their unwavering support for him to return as the prime minister was odd given the latter’s stance on them.

Najib told DAP and Amanah that Dr Mahathir did not hide his negative feelings about both and cited the audio clip to support his argument.

“The DAP and Amanah gang are so strange,” he concluded.

PH and its allies in the so-called Pakatan Plus had at one point appeared united in their support for Dr Mahathir to be their candidate for prime minister before PKR broke from the arrangement that would see Anwar as the pick to be the deputy prime minister.

PKR insisted that it would only support Anwar as the candidate to be prime minister and no other.

Pakatan Plus lacks the support to regain control of the government even without this disagreement and failure to resolve this will be fatal to its attempts to win Putrajaya.