New Coalition Vows to ‘Destroy DAP’ over ICERD

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A group of Malay Muslim NGOs has come together to form a “third force alliance” to ensure the DAP “does not erode the rights of the Malays” and “turn Malaysia into a republic”.

Azneal Ishak

Gagasan Kuasa 3 (G3) is made up of 53 Malay Muslim NGOs and expects to have 300 Malay Muslim NGOs in the next three months.

Its chairman Raggie Jessy, in a press conference here on Wednesday, claimed that the coalition was formed to unite Muslims because there were no politicians standing up for the rights of the Malays.

Raggie Jessy, or Ragvinder Singh Jess, is the author of controversial blog The Third Force.

He also claimed that the ratification of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) was an issue brought up by the DAP to “purposely shame” Malay Muslims.

Malaysia has made no move to ratify ICERD despite calls from civil society.

“We, the third force, declare war on the new race called DAP which continue to mock Malay Muslims and the institution of the Malay rulers.

“We are not going to do stupid things. We have not gone aggressively yet but if the DAP does not meet our demands, we will demand it be removed from the government.

“Muslims are not violent but only when provoked by agents to make us angry. If people provoke us, expect mayhem,” Raggie told a roomful of supporters shouting “Destroy DAP!”.

Azneal Ishak

“ICERD is promoted by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang. Kit Siang is the father of racism in this country. He is bringing the Zionist agenda.

“ICERD is a religious issue. Our country is special. If you are Malay, you are certainly Muslim.

“Therefore, ICERD is a form of discrimination against the position of Islam in the country,” he said during the group’s launch in Kuala Lumpur today.

Apart from Raggie, the coalition announced that its adviser was Azwanddin Hamzah, known for his involvement with Malay rights group Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM).

Azneal Ishak

Azwanddin recently accused Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong of wearing “Communist attire” when, in fact, he was wearing his ministry’s formal corporate uniform.

Raggie’s deputy is Amran Ahmad Nor, reportedly a disgruntled former DAP publicity unit employee who publicly criticised DAP during the 14th general election campaign despite being a member of the party at the time.

Azwanddin said G3 was not a racist organisation, and its aim was solely to protect the Federal Constitution.

He said the coalition intends to proceed with a nationwide roadshow to gather more support.

“We intend to embark on a nationwide roadshow as early as next week, with the schedule already drawn up for the states of Kedah, Penang and Perak,” he said, claiming Gabungan 3 had set a target of convincing 300 NGOs to join its cause.

“We want to give a stern warning to the ‘DAP nation’ and its ministers that they cannot simply throw away the rights of other races.

Firdaus Latif

“We would also like to warn them that they should not belittle the Federal Constitution,” said Raggie.

“We are also acting as the third force for those who are disenchanted with political parties on both sides. We intend to fight DAP and anyone who seeks to challenge the rights of the Malays, Islam and the Malay Rulers,” Raggie said.

“We are not racist. Our friends and neighbours are Chinese. There are Chinese businesspersons who are with (G3). We are against the ‘bangsa DAP‘ (DAP race) who are racist and uncouth,” he said.

G3 will be touring the country to explain its take on issues threatening the Federal Constitution.

Meanwhile, Amran said that “bangsa DAP” had to be “destroyed” before DAP could destroy the country.

He said that his experience within the party had led him to believe that the party would not stop at eradicating Malay special rights and abolishing the monarchy.

G3 said it would also bring 5,000 supporters to participate in the Dec 8 anti-ICERD protest being organised by Umno and PAS.