Nhaveen’s Attackers Fighting Lonely Battle

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Not that they will get much sympathy but the families of the suspects accused of causing T Nhaveen’s death are said to be unable to find legal representation.

  • Charged with murder of Nhaveen, assaulting Previin
  • Abandoned by legal fraternity
  • Forsaken by neighbourhood

Four teenage boys were charged with the murder of Nhaveen and causing grievous hurt to T Previin at two different courts today.

J Ragesuthan, 18, S Gokulan, 18, and two juveniles, one aged 17 and the other 16, were charged first in the Sessions Court with causing grievous hurt with dangerous weapons on Previin, 19.

The suspects were not represented. All four pleaded not guilty.

According to DPP Lim Saw Sim, the prosecution could only proceed with the trial after receiving the chemist’s and medical reports.

No bail was offered and the court set Aug 21 for mention pending the said reports.

“Since all of you are unrepresented, please go to the Legal Aid Bureau and get a lawyer, do you understand?” Judge Irwan Suainbon told the accused.

They nodded in acknowledgement.

Before the charge was read out, Gokulan was sobbing while being comforted by a brother. His spectacles appeared to have been broken.

“Don’t worry, we will be fine, we will find you a good lawyer,” the brother said to him.

One of the juveniles asked where his mother was. “She’s not here, don’t worry she sends her prayers,” a relative replied.

Later, the four teenagers appeared before magistrate Mohamad Amin Shahul Hamid and were charged with murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

The four merely nodded when the charge was read out by the court interpreter.

They were also told there was no bail offered since it was a murder charge.

Amin set Sep 28 for mention.

According to The Malay Mail Online, a brother of one of the suspects said none of the suspects’ families was successful in hiring defence counsels as the legal fraternity had practically abandoned them.

The brother suspects that public sentiment had gone against them, influencing lawyers.

Former counsel V Parthiban stood in for them during the remand process and has since said that he would no longer represent them because there were no new instructions from the suspects.

“We have no choice as it is our loved ones who are accused. As responsible family members, we need to be there for them in their time of need. We are terrified and living in fear.”

The brother claimed he had received threatening calls after his identity was revealed to certain quarters.

He added that the whole neighbourhood in Gelugor seemed to have forsaken them.

He said that he was disappointed that the common belief where a “man was innocent until proven guilty” was not observed.

Meanwhile, Previin said he had given more statements to the police, who had urged him to refrain from speaking to the public about it until the case went to court.