Perak PKR Chief: Faizal Does Not Deserve to Be MB

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Faizal not qualified to be a mentri besar if he thinks DAP is the enemy of the state.

Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu’s remarks concerning DAP is nothing short of embarrassing, according to Perak PKR chief Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak.

Without mincing words, Farhash, who is also PKR president Anwar Ibrahim’s political aide, said the Bersatu leader does not deserve to be menteri besar.

“Apologise to all Malaysians before the situation worsens to the point that it impacts (Pakatan Harapan candidate) Karmaine Sardini in the (Tanjung Piai) by-election,” he added.

Farhash said if Faizal considered DAP as a foe in the state government, then he should not be the menteri besar.

“What Ahmad Faizal had said while campaigning with Tanjung Piai by-election candidate Karmaine Sardini is very shameful.

Azneal Ishak/Malaysiakini

“The shared mandate should not be disputed.

“In fact, it is his duty to convince the people about the coalition. Why still practise disgusting racial politics in new Malaysia?” he added in a statement .

Farhash labelled the menteri besar as a “hypocrite” for belittling Harapan ministers and prioritising his ties with Umno members.

He also accused Faizal of protecting “his corrupt friends from Umno” and cited the awarding of a road maintenance contract under the Malaysian Road Records Information System (Marris) in Perak to a company without an open tender and the logging at the expense of the Orang Asli.

“Before this, I was puzzled why his advisers appeared not to be doing their work because there are certain outstanding issues such as the appointment of local councillors in several places.

“But after watching the viral video where Faizal insulted the ministers and slandered DAP to fish for votes proves that he is unqualified to be the menteri besar,” he added.

In the video, which showed Faizal having an informal discussion with several individuals, the menteri besar spoke on how he has to face DAP over certain issues, including Malay land.

In the two-minute-47-second clip, posted on one Azizi Safar’s Facebook page yesterday,  Faizal said he was waging a desperate battle on his own to safeguard the interests of the Malays and Islam.

“In Perak, I am fighting a desperate battle alone against ‘puak-puak’ (factions) DAP. I want to defend the land of the Malays, I want to champion our religion.

“(But) I do it, slowly. ‘Alhamduillah‘ (thank God), my Umno friends (in Perak) do not scold me like this,” he said.

Faizal also said that he did not sit with the ministers during the nomination of candidates for the Tanjung Piai by-election.

“I sat with the Umno gang…I am fed up with the ministers, they also fight,” he added.

The menteri besar has since claimed that his remarks were taken out of context and denied there is a rift with DAP.

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