Playmate’s Prank Sent a Little Girl to Her Death, Alone

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Chilling footage of the last few minutes of a frightened little girl’s life.

Security footage in a lift captured three young children playing in the lift while it was descending, with a boy jumping up to reach the highest button which he presses.

When the lift arrived at the ground floor and the door opened, they got out of the lift but the boy picks up little Li Li and pushes her back in the lift. Hen then presses the button to close the lift door and the girl was left alone in the lift as it ascended.

Li Li can be seen banging on the door of the lift as it continues to climb upwards.

When the lift reached the 18th floor, she got out.

According to reports, she then fell down a gap between the residential building, landing on the first-floor terrace where her body was later found by neighbours.

The tragic incident occurred in Changsha, central China, on Jul 3.

Local police are now investigating the case. It is not known if the boy’s family will be held accountable for the tragic incident.

A candle-lit vigil has since been held for the girl, who had been minded by her grandmother.