PM Open to Cabinet Reshuffle

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Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is open to the idea of reshuffling his Cabinet.

Following the conclusion of the PKR elections last weekend, Mahathir maintained that he has the final say on Cabinet appoints, and did not rule out making changes if PKR were to make nominations.

“They (PKR) can submit names, they can argue their case. I have my own views also.


“And the principle is that this Cabinet is chaired by me as the Prime Minister and I need to have people who I am comfortable with. So whether I accept nominations from them or not, is really up to me,” he told The Straits Times.

There has been some speculation about a reshuffle, especially since some ministers, new to the job, have come under criticism.

Reportedly, Mahathir said he has been unhappy for a while with the Cabinet’s performance.

Last month, he was quoted as saying that he would only give a score of “40% to 50%” for the newly appointed ministers.

Mahathir reiterated that he will “fulfil his promise to relinquish his office”, but it would be up to Malaysians whether to support Anwar or not.

“I will keep my promise on that.

“But supposing the people want to express their own views, I mean as a democratic nation, we have to listen to the people. If you install a prime minister who’s not well accepted by the people, then we are going to have a problem,” Dr Mahathir said.