Police Quiz Maria Chin over December Event

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Maria alleged police action in continually calling Bersih’s committee members to record their statements over past events “pure harassment”.

  • Police questioned Bersih leaders over November candlelight vigils and December event
  • Maria will only answer questions in court
  • According to Maria, police action “a waste of time and resources”

Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin Abdullah delivered a speech at an event that was held at a shopping mall in Seberang Perai last December, and now, five months later, she was called in by police for questioning.

Maria was at the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters for about 20 minutes at about 6pm yesterday.

When meeting the media outside the police station, Maria said that police asked her only six questions about the event. She chose to maintain her silence.

“I told them that I will answer in court,” she said.

According to Maria, other speakers during the event, including student activist Adam Adli Abdul Halim and Machang Bubuk state assemblyman Lee Khai Loon had given their statements to police.

In addition, three other Bersih leaders – Chan Tsu Chong, Mandeep Singh and Zoe Randhawa – were questioned by the Dang Wangi district police over the series of candlelight vigils held after Maria was detained under Sosma.

FMT quoted Maria as saying: “I feel it is unjustified to keep calling us to record our statements.”

“If they want to charge us for allegedly committing an offence, just charge us in court,” she said.

Maria added that it was also a waste of time and resources to keep forcing Bersih committee members to go in and out of police stations to have their statements recorded.

“They have called us at least four times for our convoy events in various states.

“And today, the investigating officer has to come down from Penang just to take my statement for an event that took place in December,” she said.

Maria alleged the police action in calling Bersih’s committee members to record their statements over a purported “illegal” assembly was a form of “pure harassment”.