‘Power Ranger’ To Die for Beating Stepson to Death

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A land broker who claimed that he felt like a ‘Power Ranger’ when beating his six-year-old stepson failed to have his death sentence overturned.

  • Refused to let anyone be close to stepson
  • Did not allow the boy to attend school
  • Pulled the child’s ears and beat, caned, thrashed, slapped him
  • Beat the boy to death with a tree branch for pooping in his car
  • Claimed he felt like ‘Power Ranger’ when disciplining the child

On Jun 5, 2015, the Melaka High Court sentenced Azman Abd Rahman, 43, to death after convicting him of murdering his six-year-old step-son Muhammad Firdaus Mohd Dan at an oil palm plantation in Kampung Solok Pinang Gadek, Alor Gajah, Melaka between 10.30 am and 2.15 pm on Oct 10, 2011.


According to the facts of the case, Azman did not allow anyone to be close to Firdaus and he himself bathed and fed the boy, even though the child could do it on his own.

Firdaus was also not allowed to attend school and always wore long-sleeved shirts and long trousers.

According to the testimony of the victim’s brother, Azman treated Firdaus violently. He would beat, cane, thrash and slap the boy, as well as pull his ears.

The brother added that his younger sibling also had the odd habit of pooping in his pants.

When testifying at the High Court, Azman said he was infuriated that his stepson had defecated in his car while they were on the way to Gadek.

He scolded the boy and hit him with a tree branch until it broke to “teach him a lesson on how to behave”.

It was reported that Azman also said doing so made him feel like a ‘Power Ranger’ when scolding the child, referring to the children’s action show that featured costumed heroes.


When the victim fell unconscious and began bleeding from the ears, Azman drove to Hospital Alor Gajah, where the boy was treated at the emergency ward but died after 45 minutes of attempted resuscitation.

The High Court in sentencing Azman to death said he had gone overboard in disciplining the child.

“The victim was caned in the car for pooping, then exited the car saying he was in pain.

“Why did the accused have to continue beating him to death?” the High Court judge said in his judgment.

Azman appealed to the Court of Appeal, which upheld the conviction and death sentence on Sept 7 last year.

The Federal Court today also upheld the death sentence imposed on the land broker.

A panel of five Federal Court judges, led by Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Tan Sri Richard Malanjum, unanimously dismissed Azman Abd Rahman’s final appeal against his conviction and sentence imposed by the High Court.

He said Azman’s defence of unsound mind under Section 84 of the Penal Code, was unsuccessful.

Section 84 of the Penal Code states that if an act of crime is committed by a person who is insane or of unsound mind, it is not considered an offence.

“The appeal has no merit,” said Richard, who sat with Federal Court judges Tan Sri Zainun Ali, Tan Sri Abu Samah Nordin, Tan Sri Azahar Mohamed and Datuk Dr Prasad Sandosham Abraham.