Pua Rejects Working with Najib

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DAP leader Tony Pua has rejected any move to work with former prime minister Najib Razak in forming a new government.

The Damansara MP said those with seemingly unprincipled hunger for power would lap up Najib’s support to form a new government.

“I would never sign up with such a government.


“A government that has to depend on Najib’s support can go to hell. We already see that happening to Perikatan Nasional,” he said in a Facebook post yesterday.

Pua said the simple fact remained that Najib is still the biggest crook in the country, who had brought shame to Malaysians all over the world and burdened Malaysians with tens of billions of debt, if not more.

“And yet, he demonstrates no remorse, expresses no guilt and even has the audacity to claim the money was for poor orphans.”

Pua’s stinging remarks came after it was reported that Najib had suggested during a Barisan Nasional meeting held at the Putra World Trade Centre yesterday that the coalition, among other things, consider supporting PKR president Anwar Ibrahim in his bid to become prime minister.

An anonymous source had claimed the BN meeting was almost put on hold after the former coalition chairperson made the proposal.

The Umno Supreme Council was also in a meeting last night to decide on one of two choices: stick with Muhyiddin Yassin and PN or dump the government formed eight months ago.

Several weeks prior, a purported letter which claimed that a certain number of Umno MPs had allegedly rescinded their support for Muhyiddin who is leading the PN government and were purportedly backing Anwar to be prime minister went viral.

The letter had allegedly carried Umno president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s name as the purported author of the letter and had allegedly contained both Zahid’s and Najib’s signatures.

This comes as DAP Senator Liew Chin Tong said on Oct 25 that Muhyiddin could secure the support of political opponents to stabilise his administration if he were willing to remove Senior Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali and Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin from the Cabinet.