Rage on the Rampage

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People need to calm down as they seem to be brawling over trivial issues.

Parking Lot Fight

The husband of a woman seen in a viral video showing an obscene gesture, flinging her slippers at a car, and hitting the car parked near a Ramadan bazaar has apologised on her behalf.

The fracas happened in Kuah, Langkawi, on Wednesday.

According to news portal Malaysiakini, Muhammad Jefry Sudin, 33, reportedly said that he wanted to clear the air over the incident involving his wife, Siti Khadijah Awang, 28, and another woman driver.

“I was driving our car and there was another car in front of us with three women inside. We were both searching for a parking space,” Jefry

“There was one space but the car in front of me had overshot, so I entered the spot to park my car,” he said, as quoted by Harian Metro.

Jefry added that the other driver had insisted that the parking spot was hers and hurled expletives which angered his wife, triggering her to show an obscene gesture and to throw her slippers.

Parking space dispute in Malaysia.

Parking space dispute in Malaysia.Dated: 31 May 2017

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On that point, I was apologising on behalf of my wife and I did not expect that she would react in that manner.

“I view it as a small incident but it became viral when the woman, believed to be the one who recorded the incident, uploaded it onto social media and attracted various responses,” he said.

Jefry, however, urged those who viewed the footage to not lay the full blame on his wife, without finding out the reason behind it.

A woman in the front car later identified as Ann Lim had uploaded a video on her Facebook account, showing how they were attacked by Siti Khadijah at about 7pm that day. The video has garnered 3,000 likes and 11,000 shares.

According to the Facebook post, the driver had claimed that she was the first to see the parking spot and was waiting for the car to vacate it.

She also said that she had turned on her signal to indicate that she wanted to park at the spot, but was overtaken by the couple’s car. She honked her car horn but was allegedly ignored until Siti Khadijah came towards her car in a rage.


Alleged damages to the car.

$28 Porridge Restaurant Bill Ruckus

In Singapore, three men and a woman land in hot soup for wrecking and eatery.

Ang Sim Poh, 48, became the third of four people to be charged in court with allegedly wrecking a porridge restaurant along Upper Serangoon Road.

Ang was charged today with committing a rash act endangering the safety of others. Together with three other people, Ang had allegedly thrown bowls, tables and chairs at the Heng Long Teochew Porridge stall at about 3.45am on May 27.

The other diners were seen scurrying away when the ruckus started. Eatery staff called the police but the group fled before officers arrived.

The incident allegedly erupted after the group, who was believed to be intoxicated, became upset with the $28 bill for their meal of porridge, pomfret and several side dishes.

According to a cleaner, the customers threw furniture and other items after arguing with a staff member.

An 80-second CCTV video of the incident shows at least three people picking up objects such as chairs before flinging them onto a food counter.

Ang was arrested by the police yesterday. Two of his accomplices – 46-year-old Tan Sung Meng and 40-year-old Pang Pei Pei – were arrested earlier this week, and charged on Wednesday.

The suspects are out on bail of $5,000 each.

If convicted of committing a rash act, Ang could be jailed for up to 6 months, face a fine of up to S$2,500 or both. He is also under investigation for committing mischief causing damages of S$500 or more.

The fourth accomplice, Yeoh Keng Hock, 53, was also arrested earlier this week and is being investigated.

Straits Times

(L-R) Tan Sung Meng and Pang Pei Pei.

Pang, the only female suspect, has a five-month-old baby daughter. Her lawyer claimed that she was probably suffering from post-natal depression.

Apparently, she had told the investigation officer that she had gone to the Institute of Mental Health for treatment but had not been following up on it, and she had also not been taking her medication.

The porridge restaurant claimed that damage amounted to an estimated $5,000. Business is back as usual at the eatery.