Rahang Assemblyman Retracts Resignation from DAP

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Rahang assemblyperson Mary Josephine Prittam Singh has returned to the DAP, ten days after tearfully announcing her departure from the party she was a part of for nearly five decades.

“I wish to thank all those who supported me, my voters and to all party leaders for their support, calls and messages.

“My return to DAP is because it was very painful for me to leave, but it is even more painful for me to miss out on something that I love (and have been) entrusted with all these 46 years.

“I told Anthony (Loke) I want to come back,” she said, adding that she would also resume her role as the DAP Women’s national organising secretary, Harapan Women’s national vice-chief, Negeri Sembilan DAP Women’s chief and Negeri Sembilan Harapan Women’s deputy chief.

She said negative remarks about her resignation has re-energised and boosted her confidence to continue working and serving.

“Thank you for DAP Malaysia for considering my resignation and accepting me back to the party,” she said.

She said she will not betray the people of Rahang and thanked the party for holding true to its multi-racial concept.

“You gave me confidence to look after Rahang, to look after the community, the people who voted for me, and also those who didn’t vote for me. As long as you are a resident of Rahang, I will not abandon you. I will always be here for you.”

At today’s press conference, Mary Josephine stressed that she had never threatened or blackmailed the party to U-turn on decisions to get her way.

“There were differences in opinions, but in line with my belief in DAP, I do not expect the party to do a U-turn on their decisions…we will settle it in another way,” she said.

Also present were DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang and Negeri Sembilan DAP chairman Anthony Loke Siew Fook.

Prior to this, Loke had written to Mary to reconsider her decision.

In an emotional press conference on July 10, Mary Josephine announced her resignation from the Pakatan Harapan component party.

She claimed she had been repeatedly sidelined from the party’s decision-making process, including on the appointment of Negeri Sembilan’s Village Community Management Council chief.

She had vowed to, however, continue serving her constituents. Her decision prompted party leaders, including Loke, to express their sadness over the news and call for her to return.

Meanwhile, Loke said today he had met with Mary Josephine last Friday to discuss her resignation.

“There were rumours that BN was trying to pull her to join them, but I was sure she would not do so (join BN).

“To me, she never left DAP. That is why I said her resignation letter was never accepted.”

Meanwhile, Lim told reporters that today’s events showed that party differences could be settled through internal channels and with the spirit of comradeship and solidarity.