Road Rage That Led to Crash Chaos

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Dramatic footage that has gone viral shows an accident sparked by road rage.

The unnecessary crash happened on a freeway in Los Angeles just before 5:30 am on Wednesday.

According to the passenger in a trailing car who recorded the footage, a Nissan sedan “inadvertently” cut off a biker.

From there, “words went back and forth” between the biker and driver as both vehicles sped down the freeway. after which the biker kicked the moving car.

Chaos followed.

The Nissan lurched towards the bike in retaliation, nearly sending it into the divider, but then it crashed into the centre barrier, causing an explosion of sparks.

The Nissan nearly flipped over as it careened into the centre of the freeway and hit an oncoming pickup.

The impact caused the truck to turn turtle, injuring the driver.

The Nissan sedan ended up a mangled heap.

The police are looking for the biker who fled the scene.