Robbers Break Through Wall of Jewellery Shop

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Three men created a hole in the wall of a boutique to break into an adjacent goldsmith shop.

Police cordoned off the Kemaman Centre Point shopping complex in the early hours of yesterday as they launched a dragnet to find three robbers, believed to be Indonesians.

The three men made the hole in the wall from a boutique located next to the jewellery shop at about 1am.

Mohd Syafiq Ridzuan Ambak/NST

The men wore face masks and were armed with parang, according to district police chief Superintendent Mohd Said Ibrahim.

He said the robbers tied up two Rela men who were patrolling the area before entering the boutique.

The Rela men managed to free themselves and alerted Kemaman police headquarters at 5am.

On checking the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, police believed the trio were still in the shopping complex because there was no indication they had left the building.

A police canine unit was brought in to track down the robbers.

After several hours, police came up empty-handed and called off the search at 1pm.

“We are investigating the case and looking at all angles. The modus operandi looked the same as a robbery at the Sabasun hypermarket in Kuala Nerus in September last year,” said Said.

In last year’s incident, seven robbers made away with RM1.4 million from two automated teller machines after breaking into the premises.